Happy Father's Day to my super lolo! ❤


Seeing lolo playing with dogs awhile ago made me shed tears. I don't know why I suddenly realized that many things have changed.
I am the "bunso" or the youngest "apo" of lolo, I became the one who always gets what she wants and the last 
one whom lolo played with. And now, I'm all grown up. And all through the years, my lolo has been watching me grow into a mature person. I love you lolo Pastor! Happy Father's Day ❤
Btw, lolo is turning 92 on July and he is still strong and healthy! Thank you Lord!



that first friend in school

She is my very first official friend in Holy Family, she is my dance pal, she is my vain buddy, she is one of the person whom I trust the most, she is the person I always run to, she is my bestfriend and most of all, she is my sister. 
I never told her how thankful I am when she opened up things to me on my third day in school, she was so comfortable telling me things about her life as if she knew me for so long. She welcomed me and trusted me with no doubts. I'm very lucky for having the chance to meet a girl like her. 
I know many things would change between us because we wouldn't be classmates in this coming school year. But I would definitely keep the memories we made together and would forever remember that I have been best friends with the sweetest girl in the world. haha! And I would definitely keep my promise that whenever she needs a friend, I would always be one text away like how she is with me. 

Before your day ends, I just wanna greet you again and somehow make you smile! 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY AILLA! I love you! :** Stay sweet, kind and caring okay? Thank you sa lahat. And sorry din sa mga nagawa ko na hindi mo nagustuhan. Sana napasaya kita kahapon kahit hindi nakasama whole day :( Sana din napasmile ka habang binasa to. 



Recognition Day

Last 12th of April, I have been rewarded an award for participating in the Panunuluyan 2012 which made me reminisce how much I had fun and how much I've learned in the Theatre. And since I would always be that math geek, I have also been awarded an Excellence in Math award.

P.S. This post is too formal. (I think) hahahaha :)


So yeah, I went to Boni High to buy some beach clothes. After hours of looking for clothes, mom brought us to Greenhills so that we can buy more stuffs with our budgets on hand. And look what I found ;)



As I looked out my window, I saw some fireworks and that made me think of the time when I was with the guy I once had a crush on. We were there, standing and watching the fireworks as if we were the only couple out there. I would consider that night as my first prom. Since I was formally invited by a guy who admired me, and he actually went to our house to ask my parents' permission. That night was a night to remember since I actually experienced my own cinderella story. Hihihi :') maybe fairytales and happy endings are true ;)



Promenade (late post)

So I know every little girl out there had that dream of becoming a princess. Well, guess what? Dream come true for me! Although it just lasted for a night, I feel so thankful to have the chance of feeling like a true princess. Everything wouldn't have been possible without my family, they were the ones who helped me get my hair and make up done, the ones who helped me with my dress and the ones who told me that "you'll be the prettiest girl in the ball."

 I didn't really have the prince charming but I had my friends who had been my prom dates for the night. :">  That night wouldn't have been a blast if I wasn't with the coolest girls ever, the "Hosea Girls." 

"The Girl in the green dress" 

Photogenix Photobooth with some of my friends; Sam, Gab, Janella and Tricia

By the way, I just wanna acknowledge Tito Jojo Macapinlac for my elegant dress! :) 
I gave him the usual colors of dresses that everyone would have that i don't really wanna follow, he suggested the color Emerald Green. At first I was so worried about it, But it turned out to be extravagant. hihi <3




Galaxy Shirt-Topshop, Galaxy shoes- DIY keds, Satchel Bag- Glam Rock Manila
Jacket-Office of the Pres (I wasn't suppose to be wearing it but I got sick that day so I really needed it)

Laid back galaxy inspired outfit-it wasn't so stylish, I just picked out some comfy clothes in my closet that day. This outfit made me feel like a little kid again! Hahaha!